Tropical Satellite Imagery / Moisture Loops / Wind Shear / SST Anomaly
CIMSS Shear CIMSS SAL CIMSS Steering Levels
CIMSS Satcon Intensity Estimates CIMSS Morphed Microwave Loops NASA GOES  NRL Monterey, CA

FNMOC TC Imagery
NRL MRY Global Imagery
LSU Color SST Tropical RAMSDIS New Japsat
  MODIS   NOAA Atlantic/Caribbean Plymouth State US-Carib Satellite (SSEC)
RAMMB Real-Time MODIS Imagery Real Earth (SSEC) GOES-Slider (CO State) GOES-16 (DuPage) Himawari-8
Atlantic SST Anomaly EUMETSAT Color Full Disk TC Formation Probabilities (Atlantic Basin) GOES Floater VIS Loop
Indian Ocean Satellite Imagery Multi-Platform Satellite SFC Winds  
Trop. Atlantic Shear
Vertical Instability
Carib Shear
Vertical Instability
Gulf Shear
Vertical Instability
East Coast Shear
Vertical Instability
Subtropical Atlantic Shear
Vertical Instability
Vertical Instability Season Archive Tropical IR Hovmoller    

West Pacific / Australia / Indian Ocean Data
JTWC JMA Australia Bom SFC Maps Australia BoM Cyclones Australia Radar
India Met Office Fiji Meteorological Service Meteo France Reunion Island / English RSMC Reunion Island Past Australia TC Tracks
Jakarta RSMC Australia Sat Loop Indian Ocean Sat Loop West Pac Sat Loop  

Long-Range Forecast Info
CPC Ell Niņo / La Niņa Weekly El Nino Discussion CPC ENSO Home Page Multivariate ENSO Index
JAMSTEC Long-Range El Nino Forecast ENSO Past/Present Weekly Nino SST Values Current AMO Value
MJO Real Time Fcsts.  NCEP MJO / Graphics/Forecasts CPC MJO / Weekly Update (PPT) MJO - Paul Roundy
Good ENSO Comparison Site TIGGE MJO Forecasts Current NAO NASA - Wave Monitoring

Tropical Cyclone Forecast Models
Tropical Cyclone Guidance Project NCEP HWRF/GFDL FIM Kelvin Waves
ECMWF Ensemble Plots NCEP/EMC Cyclogenesis Tracking TC Formation Probabilities International TCs
FSU Phase Diagrams NCEP Cyclogenesis Tracking NHC Invest Status NHC Model Descriptions SHIPS Model Output
Ensemble Tropical Rainfall Potential (eTRaP) RSMAS NHC Storm Surge Resource NCEP/EMC Cyclogenesis Tracking
Current and Past Spaghetti Plots from NCAR TC Genesis Plots - Albany

TC Verification - B. Tang (Albany)
(use correct year & storm ID #)
FSU Experimental Genesis Forecast

Global Dynamic Models
Tropical Tidbits UKMET Ensembles Univ. Albany Verification Penn State Ewall NAVGEM
ECWMF UKMET (and others) Canadian ECMWF DuPage Florida State
UKMET Raw TC Data FSU Global Tracks Ohio State   Penn State NCEP

Operational Worldwide TC and Extratropical Storm Info
NOAA Dvorak
NOAA Dvorak (text)
CIMSS Dvorak CFOSAT (Scatterometer) ScatSat HY-2B Scatterometer ASCAT-B & C ASCAT (NOAA)
CSU RAMMB/CIRA-  Wind Radii Graphics NHC Invest Info TC Heat Potential Max Potential Intensity
Extratropical Storm Surge (Met. Dev. Lab) National Storm Surge Hazard Maps NDBC Buoy Obs NE Australia Storm Tides (BoM) HRD

Climatological Hurricane Data
Unisys Past Storms (Wayback Machine) Unisys Past Storms - Archived Copy by S2K Member ICAT Damage Estimator NASA Hurricane Data Portal(track viewer/image gallery)
Dr. Phil Klotzbach Forecasts US Landfalling Hurricane Project ( HRD Re-analysis Project (HURDAT) Historical Hurricane Tracks
Dr. Phil Klotzbach TC Page HRD Reanalysis Project  (great track maps) Past TC Radar Loops (Brian McNoldy) TC Rainfall Graphics
CSU Forecast Verification 1984-1999 NHC Advisory Wallet(1968-1983) UCAR Past Model Graphics Atlantic Hurricanes Maps & Images
Best Track 1851-1987 Best Track 1988+ International Best Tracks Database NHC Archives
Worldwide TC Forecast Verification Monthly Weather Review Hurricane Summaries NASA Hurricanes TC Wind Radii Prediction (2007 paper - PDF)
NOAA Past Storm Images Old Hurricane Images UKMET Seasonal Forecasts WMO Long-Range Seasonal Models(wxman57/cc)
Ryan Maue Global ACE/ TCs Climate Audit Blog Current/Past AMO Values NOAA Reanalysis Maps/Data
Phil Klotzbach Global TC Stats Hurricane Wind Field Analyses 1995-2013   Brian Mcnoldy TC Radar Loops Archive

Other Useful Links
Radar Beam Height Calculator Pressure / Wind CoNOAA Reanalysis Maps/Data nversion Tool NHC Eyewall Profiles
Hurricane Safety Kits AquaPod Water Bladder WaterBob Water Storage Bladders NOAA Map Generator

Caribbean/Atlantic Radars
Aruba Barbados Belize
Cuba Curacao Dominican Republic
Guyana Jamaica Martinique
Mexico Panama Trinidad & Tobago
Puerto Rico / US Virgin Islands Bermuda Bahamas
Caribbean Regional Radars (out of Barbados) Dominica

 Radars Outside the Atlantic Basin
Australia India  Taiwan
China Japan  Guam

U.S. and Canadian Radars
NWS NEXRAD Doppler Radars S. Florida Water Management District WSI

Texas Snow Events Study